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More than just a protein shaker

Cheap and disposable shakers are bad for the delicate environment in which we live. Our customers always tell us that their old shakers leak and smell, which is also bad for your health. And, when you throw them away, the shaker will needlessly end up in landfill when, instead, a rock-solid and durable ShakeSphere Tumbler was available. So look good and feel good by picking up and spreading the word about our unique range of products.

We are proud of the innovative ways that our customers are using our products. Following the highly successful launch of our latest model - the Tumbler Steel, which had rapidly sold out on all sales channels - we love how our customers are taking their ShakeSphere to the office, social events, and even to the shops in their casual day-to-day activities. So what was once just a protein shaker has now developed into a versatile and essential companion as our loyal customers go about their daily lives.
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