"ShakeSphere was presented to me at Fibo Germany. I bought the V2 there and tried it out at home.
It works fine with dairy-free protein too (rice protein).
No clumps or anything.
I also like the pill cases and the storage part at the bottom.
The best thing about it is the absence of a mesh or ball. The shaker works perfectly fine without it because of the shape. There is no waste after drinking and it's easy and fast to clean.
The product definitely deserves to be well-known in the fitness industry."

"Just got me two shakespheres v2 the other day. what can i say? most awesome, couldn't be happier. #nocornersworks"

"As a regular user of protein shakes over several years, I've got through my fair share of shaker bottles & decided to give this Shakesphere bottle a try. The powder & pill compartments are a clever idea, ideal for prep, I use to have to put my protein in a sandwich bag & it was really messy, this is so much easier. What really sets this shaker above any other I've used though is how well it mixes, I was a little concerned at first with there being no spring ball or grill to stop lumps but the bottle mixes powder brilliantly. I found there was no powder stuck in corners after mixing, because of the rounded base, meaning no waste. Fast delivery to top it off, can't fault it."

"I have been using shaker bottles for the last 22 years or as long as I have been working out with weights. One of the most important 'meal' of the day is your pre / post workout one to accelerate muscle growth / inhibit muscle breakdown. I always have pre - prepared shakers on me. Finally, using 'Shakesphere' I no longer have to waste my expensive whey getting stuck in the corners! It also has a clever compartment for storing my 'pills'. What more, the color looks cool with my outfit! Great innovative design + material can just highly recommend it to any gym PRO's like myself out there!"

"Just got my new ShakeSphere V2 shaker bottle. Had the first version for a while and digging for improvements. The best shaker design i found based out of the UK with no stupid ball, no batteries protein powder always mixes well, good seal and simplest design."